NOTE: BlackRock is not currently hosting special events due to COVID-19 restrictions.
You may contact us about a possible future event. 
How should I reserve a date? 

For your date to be held, you must contact the Director of Operations & Facilities with your approval of the quote AND schedule an appointment to sign your contract. If you do not approve your quote and schedule your contract signing appointment within three (3) days of receiving your quote, your date will not be held. A missed contract signing appointment will also result in your date being released.

How far in advance should I book my appointment? 

You should contact us at least two (2) weeks in advance to begin the process of securing your event date. However, any events that are less than 30 days away will need to be paid in full at contract signing. For all cancellations less than 30 days of event all monies will be retained by BlackRock.

When is my date confirmed? 

Your event is confirmed when the Director of Operations and Facilities receives your signed contract, security deposit and first payment. Your event date will not be confirmed until BlackRock receives all three items.

How do I submit a payment? 

BlackRock accepts all major credit cards by phone and checks by mail or dropped off in person. You will need to bring a check or credit card to your Contract Signing Appointment to pay for your security deposit and initial payment. To make payments by phone, please have your event ID number handy to give to the Rentals & Events staff. To mail payments, please write your event ID number on the check and send it to: BlackRock Center for the Arts, Attention Rental & Events Department, 12901 Town Commons Drive, Germantown, MD 20874.

What happens during a walk-through appointment? 

The Director of Operations and Facilities will take you through our building and show you our spaces. The Director will review our rentals policies, venue availability and pricing, labor and technical needs, and other important details and requirements to assist you in your decision-making process.

Can I have more than one walk-through appointment? 

Yes, a date for a second and final walk-through appointment will be included in your contract. The walk-through will take place 45 days in advance of your event. During this walk-through appointment, we will review your timeline, floor plan, rental items, delivery schedule, technical needs, and other details included in your contract to help ensure everything runs smoothly on the day of your event.

Can I decore the venue? 

Decorations must be agreed upon by the Director of Operations and Facilities. In general, flowers and balloons are allowed. BlackRock does not allow open flame candles, confetti, rice or glitter inside or outside for health and safety reasons. Please discuss details of your decorations during your walk-through appointment.

Are there time restrictions for rental events? 

Rental events cannot start before 7 a.m. and must end no later than 1 a.m.—including set-up and tear-down time for your event. Alcohol cannot be served after 12 a.m.

How early can I begin set-up for my event? 

You may arrive on site only when your rental time begins, according to your contract. All vendor deliveries and pickups must be scheduled during the time frame listed in your contract, unless otherwise agreed to by the Director of Rentals & Events.

Can I leave behind items and pick them up at a later time? 

All items must be picked up and removed from BlackRock’s building at the end of your event, unless otherwise approved in advance by the Director of Operations and Facilities. If approved, your insurance policy must be extended to cover the additional day(s).

What is included in the rental fee? 

Your rental fee is based on the number of hours you are renting the contracted space(s). You will also have a basic lighting design, house sound, tables and chairs, based on availability. If your event requires a dedicated light or sound technician, additional fees will apply.

Do I need to rent tables or chairs? 

We encourage you to use our chairs and tables at no cost. However, based on the needs of your event you may rent your own items.  Any additional equipment needed can be provided by BlackRock at cost.

Is parking available? 

Yes, free parking is available in BlackRock’s parking lot. The parking lot entrance is off Town Commons Drive, just behind our building. There is free, onsite parking in front of the building on Town Commons Drive.

Do I need to hire policy or security officers? 

You will be responsible for providing security services at your event if alcoholic beverages are served to 75 or more guests.  Clients are required to hire a Security Guard or an Off Duty Officer. They must be on premises 30 minutes prior to the beginning of your event time, during the entire event, and 30 minutes after the end of the event. They are responsible for clearing all guests from the event space. Security is not required during set-up or tear-down times. It is your responsibility to contract independently with a licensed, bonded and unarmed security company. A written proof of service, copy of a license, and bond insurance paperwork must be provided to BlackRock no less than 45 days prior to the event or your event may be cancelled and the rental deposit retained by BlackRock.

Are there hotels near by? 

There are a few hotels near BlackRock:

  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 20260 Goldenrod Lane, Germantown, MD 20876, 877-859-5095

  • Fairfield Inn & Suites, 20025 Century Blvd, Germantown, MD 20874, 301-916-0750

  • Extended Stay America, 20141 Century Blvd, Germantown, MD 20874, 301-515-4500

Can we provide our own food? 

You may use any caterer of your choice; however, they will need to be licensed and insured. You are also allowed to bring in your own food and non-alcoholic beverages. Caterers are responsible for requesting tables and chairs for their set up and will be responsible for the clean-up and hauling of event garbage from BlackRock.

What is BlackRock's alcohol policy? 

Due to Montgomery County law, all alcohol must be purchased from BlackRock, unless you use a caterer with a valid Maryland Statewide Caterer’s (SCAT) License. Alcohol may not be consumed in BlackRock’s restrooms or parking lot and are not allowed to leave BlackRock's premises. Alcohol may only be served and consumed during hours listed on the rental agreement. All alcohol services stop at 12 a.m. All alcohol services provided by BlackRock must stop one (1) hour before the end of your event. Any violation of alcohol use policies may result in the closure of an event. All guests are required to provide a valid ID to be served. No one under the age of 21 can be served alcohol. Any guest providing alcohol to a minor (under the age 21) will be required to leave BlackRock immediately.