"Realistic Watercolor Via Transparent Washes"
Thursday, September 10 | 7 PM - 8 PM

A Free Virtual Lecture with J.M. Littleton, Award-Winning Watercolor Artist

Join J.M. Littleton, one of BlackRock’s newest teaching artists, for a virtual lecture, “Realistic Watercolor Via Transparent Washes,” from 7 PM - 8 PM on Thursday, September 10.  J.M. will reveal her entire method of developing a realistic watercolor. She will discuss and show visuals that will demonstrate each step of the process including how to select an appropriate image and start a line drawing. How to transfer the line drawing to the watercolor paper and how students practice flat and round brush washes on test sheets to master the skill will also be covered. The importance of color theory will be introduced as layering transparent washes assists to make figures and objects more three dimensional, enhance atmospheric perspective and appear more luminescent.

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