Jess Apo (E-RYT500; YACEP; RPYT) has always been a teacher, first completing a Masters of Teaching and certification, she began her career as an elementary educator for Montgomery County Public Schools. She turned to yoga to manage the daily stress in her life and discovered her true passion. After practicing yoga, Jess felt compelled to bring teaching and yoga together as her full-time career, bringing peace and expansion of self she experienced to others. A daily meditator, she is a lover of movement and stillness alike. Powerful cueing and physical alignment are skills she teaches so that her students understand vibrational energy. Jess is highly skilled at dynamic sequencing and connecting to the individual student’s needs. She uses Yogic philosophy, personal experience and hands-on adjusting as tools for transformation in her classes. Jess loves teaching many styles of yoga and enjoys watching transformations in her students on and off the mat. She leads yoga retreats all over the world, taking her students to exotic locations to immerse themselves in yoga. Jess has created an original 85-hour prenatal teacher training from her vast teaching experiences including teaching prenatal yoga while she was pregnant with her children. She is so grateful for the practice that has changed her life in countless ways.

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