When you make a legacy gift to BlackRock, you help ensure that excellence, accessibility, and artistic diversity remain at the core of BlackRock’s mission—now and into the future. A legacy gift is a profound and meaningful way to honor a family member or another person who is important to you while supporting a leading cultural arts center. A legacy gift serves as a catalyst to BlackRock’s continuing growth and development and is an inspiration to others who believe in our organization and the work we do to serve our community.

Wills and Trusts

When you include a bequest in your will designating BlackRock as a beneficiary, you help ensure future generations will have the artistic and educational opportunities that you now enjoy. To make a bequest, please consult first with your legal advisor.

Retirement Plans, Insurance Policies, Annuities

You can also make BlackRock the beneficiary of a personal retirement fund or insurance policy. Retirement plans may be subject to estate taxes after death and income tax as the funds are received by a beneficiary, diminishing the ultimate value of the account. By naming BlackRock Center for the Arts, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, as a beneficiary, these tax liabilities can be avoided, allowing you to leave your family other assets that incur less tax liability.

For more information, please contact Lynn Andreas Arndt at larndt@blackrockcenter.org.

Note that this information here is provided as an overview of the potential financial benefits of donating to BlackRock Center for the Arts. It is not intended to provide specific advice about the legal or tax implications of charitable giving. Please contact your financial or estate advisor for further explanations and to decide if planned gifts are a good choice for you and your family.

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