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Give your student the skills to become a true thespian! Theater and drama classes promote empathy and reading comprehension in people of all ages. Sign up for classes in our theater program to see the benefits of this art form and see how your student shines!

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Fairy Tale Theater

Students use their imaginations to bring classic fairy tales to life using costumes, props, and small-scale scenery. They also paint story sets for some of the stories. The teacher directs the students to perform different story themes. Your child will get the full experience of performing in a mini play, as they are assigned parts, are given costume and props, and perform in front of a delightful backdrop.  Parents, guardians, and other family members are invited to attend these performances. This class emphasizes theater vocabulary and drama skills along with peer interaction and cooperation.

Ages 4 ½ – 9 | 6 Weeks
Thursdays | 5:30 PM – 6:30PM | Starts 6/22
Early Registration: $135/Members $120 | Regular Registration: $145/Members $130
Instructor: Karen Ebert

Intro to Acting

Students will learn basic acting skills through games, activities, and skits, while building their confidence and having fun.

Grades K – 3 | 8 Weeks
Wednesdays | 4:15 PM – 5:15 PM | Starts 6/21
Early Registration: $180/Members $165 | Regular Registration: $190/Members $175
Instructor: Sonie Matthew

Acting Stories II

In this fun, energetic class, students will learn advanced methods of acting through storytelling and scene work. Pre-Requisite: At least two theater classes or a camp at BlackRock or prior experience being cast in a play or musical.

Grades 4 – 9 | 8 Weeks | 517.5021.1
Thursdays | 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM | Starts 6/22
Early Registration: $180/Members $165 | Regular Registration: $190/Members $175
Instructor: Sonie Matthew

Improv and Theater Games

Kids need a break! They just spent all day at school, so why not sign them up in a theater class that focuses on nothing but improv and theater games. No lines to memorize, no scripts to worry about, just fun improvisation exercises in the style of Whose Line Is It Anyway and theater games where they will actually gain some theater skills while having a blast.

Grades 4-6 | 8 Weeks
Thursdays | 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM | Starts 6/22
Early Registration: $180/Members $165 | Regular Registration: $190/Members $175
Instructor: Sonie Matthew

Improv Workshop for Adults – Adult Class!

The purpose of this class is to excite and introduce participants to improvisational acting and the universality of its practices in our everyday lives. The class is fun, collaborative and builds confidence, teamwork and communication skills. Short-form games and various improvisational exercises will be introduced throughout the 8 weeks, demonstrating each week’s focus and leading to a group performance open to public. Instructor, Callan Holderbaum, currently performs with The Comedy Pigs, a popular 20-year-old Improv Comedy Troupe in Frederick, MD.

Ages 18 and up | 8 Weeks | 517.5451.1
Tuesdays | 6:30 PM – 8:00PM | Starts 6/20
Early Registration: $270/Members $255 | Regular Registration: $280/Members $265
Instructor: Callan Holderbaum



Please note: We are not currently taking any new registrations into the Conservatory Program at this time.  Please check back next fall for more information.

Through the course of the year, the Theater Conservatory gives students the skills to become a true thespian. Skills in acting, singing and dancing are met with building confidence and ensemble. Both classes culminate in mid-year demonstrations and spring Conservatory recitals.

Acting and Singing for Musical Theater

This class culminates in a performance of a musical on our main stage in June 2017! Concentrating on the acting and vocal performance aspects of musical theater, students will develop a strong stage presence while expressing creativity through song and movement. Using proper breath work and vocal warm-ups, students will learn healthy singing habits. Students will increase confidence singing pieces from different genres such as pop, rock, jazz and Broadway shows.

Ages 8-14
617.5204.1 | Saturdays | 9:30 AM-11:30 AM
Meets 1/14-3/18 and 4/1-6/17

Instructor: Sonie Mathew