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Anjelica Niebuhr

Education Manager: Camps and Outreach

Anjelica received her BFA in Studio Art (2014), with a Minor in Psychology at Marymount University, Virginia. In her sophomore year of college, Anjelica was selected by the Chair & Head of the Education department to conduct case study research and manage a week’s worth teacher workshop in Uganda, Africa, through Marymount’s partnership, Arlington Academy of Hope. In 2012, Anjelica presented her case study research on the topic of “Comparing United States and Uganda, Africa Student Dropouts from 2011-2012” at the Marymount Student Research Conference Center. In 2014, Anjelica presented her Senior Thesis at Marymount University’s Barry Art Gallery. Her thesis, “Looking Past the Young Girl at a Window” focuses on artist Mary Cassatt’s hidden metaphors of sexualized gender inequalities between man and woman in her work; thus, uniting the relationship between woman, child, and dog.

As a student athlete, Anjelica multitasked her lacrosse career and art studies and earned several awards including earning Second Team Allstate from Virginia Sports Information Directors (VaSID) and making program history as the third goalkeeper to earn a career shutout in 2012. Anjelica was selected to play and represent as the United States goalkeeper in an abroad lacrosse tournament in Europe through the American International Sports Tours Inc. (AIST) and lead the United States to win the Amsterdam Lacrosse Tournament in 2014.

Anjelica’s art career blossomed after her paid internship at the Arlington Arts Center as a junior curator, while assisting art education programs, and coordinating non-profit events. After her internship, she earned a rewarding position at the National Child Research Center in Washington, D.C., where she taught neuro-typical and students with special needs and conducted case study research. Two years later, Anjelica became the Therapeutic Art Program Manager at Community Residences Inc. (CRi), in Chantilly, Virginia, working with teens and adults with special needs and trauma disorders.

In Spring 2023, Anjelica began working at BlackRock as the Education Manager for Camps & Outreach Programs. She is excited to grow with the organization and use her education and art background as a learning tool for herself and the education program.

Anjelica Niebuhr
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