With more than 30,000 spectacular square feet that incorporates two theaters, two galleries, rooftop terrace and lounge, and soaring ceilings, BlackRock is perfect for your next event—big or small. Our flexible venues are available year-round and can be transformed into whatever you imagine to host weddings and receptions, birthdays and theme parties, corporate meetings and retreats, concerts, dances, and holiday parties. With affordable rates and a convenient location in the heart of Germantown, BlackRock offers elegance, functionality and exceptional service. Our versatile venues ensure just the right venue for your event. BlackRock offers elegance, functionality and exceptional service, as well as versatile spaces, convenient location, free parking and easily accessible loading docks.

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  • MainStage – 220 fixed-seat theater and stage
  • BlackBox Theater – multi-use venue for up to 250 people (theater-style seating), and can be adapted for smaller groups, tables, and dance floor
  • Gallery II – smaller gallery and adjacent space for up to 60 people
  • The Terrace – spectacular outdoor space (for up to 40 people) with adjoining indoor lounge (for an additional 40 people)
  • Grand Lobby – light-filled, welcoming venue for up to 100 people
  • Dance Studio – studio venue for up to 50 people

The Kay Gallery, our award-winning gallery space that accommodates up to 80 people, is unavailable at this time.

Rental Usage Policies

The Renter will be responsible for providing security services at all events where alcoholic beverages are served with a guest count of 75 or more. Security guards are required to be on premises 30 minutes prior to the Renter’s event time/guest arrival, during the entire event time, and 30 minutes after guest departure/end of event. Renter’s security guards are responsible for clearing all guests from the event’s space(s). Security is not required during preparation or cleanup times. It is the Renter’s responsibility to contract independently with a licensed, bonded and unarmed security company. A written proof of service, a copy of a license and bond insurance paperwork must be provided to BlackRock no less than 45 days prior to the event or the Renter’s event may be cancelled, and the rental deposit may be retained by BlackRock.

Facility Event Hours

  • Rental events will not start before 7 am
  • Alcohol cannot be served after 12:30 am
  • Rental events must end no later than 1 am

Alcohol Use Policy
Due to Montgomery County law, all alcohol must be purchased from BlackRock (see Bar Packages), unless the Renter uses a caterer with a valid Maryland Statewide Caterer’s (SCAT) License. Alcohol may not be consumed in BlackRock’s restrooms or parking lot and are not allowed to leave BlackRock's premises. Alcohol may only be served and consumed during hours listed on the rental agreement. Alcohol may not be served to minors. Any violation of alcohol use policies may result in the closure of the Renter’s event. All guests of the Renter are required to be able to provide a valid ID to be served. No one under the age of 21 can be served alcohol. Any guest providing alcohol to a minor (under the age 21) will be required to leave BlackRock immediately.

BlackRock Bar Packages

  • Cash Bar: BlackRock can provide a cash bar service that includes one bar and one bartender. Additional bars can be added to your event for $18/hour.
  • Purchase and Serve: Renter can purchase a beer, wine or liquor package from BlackRock for their event to be served. Packages include one bar and one bartender.

Catering Policy
Renter may use any licensed caterer of their choice. Renters are also allowed to bring in their own food and non-alcoholic beverages.

Promotion of any rental event is the sole responsibility of the Renter. All marketing materials must be approved by BlackRock’s Director of Marketing & Communications. Please refer to Policies and Procedures regarding promotional material and event advertising and forward all marketing materials with your event number and date to smcgowan@blackrockcenter.org.

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