Every year, thousands of people come to BlackRock Center for the Arts to celebrate special moments in their lives. Our stages, lobby, studios, galleries, and terrace have been the backdrop to weddings, receptions, baptisms, and graduation and birthday parties. With soaring ceilings, sweeping staircase, and room after room bathed in natural light, BlackRock is perfect setting for photographers--from professionals to hobbyists.

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Event Photography

Private event photography is permitted during weddings or graduation parties, for example, in conjunction with a paid private rental contract.

Photography Permits

You will need a paid photography permit from BlackRock if you meet one of the following conditions:

  • You are a professional photographer taking photos of a client or clients who don't have a paid private rental contract for an event at BlackRock.
  • You are a professional photographer taking photos of a client or clients with a paid private rental contract on a day when their event is not taking place at BlackRock. 
  • If the primary purpose of your visit to BlackRock is to take photos and you do not have a paid private rental event contract with BlackRock.

What Is Included
Your 1-Hour Photography Session Permit gets you non-exclusive access to either a studio, gallery, theater, or the grounds at BlackRock Center for the Arts for portrait or formal photography, event schedule permitting

Photography Session Requests
We recommend at least one (1) week but no more than two (2) weeks in advance to get the date and time you want and that your session does not conflict with other events. 

If you need to reschedule a photo session for any reason, simply email eray@blackrockcenter.org to help you move your session to a different date. You may email any time before your session begins, even on the day of your session. If you cancel your session for any reason, we will retain a $50 administrative fee. 

You are welcome to bring free-standing materials, such as backdrops, tables, chairs, and clothing racks, but you must inform BlackRock of such items and ensure they do not block the pathways for other guests. 

CLICK HERE to submit your Photography Permit Request Form.

Photography Permit Rates | 1-Hour Session

Group Size: 1- 10
Reserved 7 or More Days in Advance: $75/Hour
Reserved Less Than 7 Days in Advance: $100/Hour

Photography Terms of Use
Please read carefully, as the receipt of your payment constitutes an understanding of and responsibility to comply with the Terms of Use listed below. For questions or requests, please email rentals@blackrockcenter.org.

  • Photo Sessions are reserved for one (1) hour only. You may book multiple One-Hour Sessions.
  • The Photo Session must not interfere with others’ enjoyment of BlackRock’s building and grounds.
  • Do not disturb any stands, displays, block hallways or stairs.
  • For the safety of all visitors, please be mindful of cords and equipment that pose a hazard.
  • Photo Sessions are reserved as available and occasionally may not be permitted during scheduled events or periods of heavy public visitation.
  • Do not go over your allotted time slot(s). Sessions that run more than 20 minutes over the allotted time will be charged one (1) additional hour.
  • For any photos published online or in print, please include the location in the caption: BlackRock Center for the Arts.
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