In the Press: Culture Spot MC Features “AMPED UP”

"Plumes" Dottie Campbell

Culture Spot Montgomery County recently featured BlackRock’s gallery exhibition “Amped Up,” a journey into the abstract art of Baltimore photographer Dottie Campbell. Combing art, movement, and technology to create vast images of striking colors and shapes.

Dottie Campbell, “Plumes” (Dottie Campbell/BlackRock Center for the Arts)

Dottie Campbell “Bundling Current” (Dottie Campbell/BlackRock Center for the Arts)

In “Amped Up,” consisting of 17 24-by-36-inch pigment ink prints, Campbell said she used “camera movement to abstract the photographs I capture.” All the photographs were “abstracted and energized by my Camera-Movement-Capture (CMC) technique.” CMC, she explained, involves slow shutter speeds and “moving my camera in various ways “when I release the shutter.”

As such, she said, “I am no longer a passive recorder of reality. I can imprint my own creative elements into the photographs — obscuring detail, altering form, creating textural detail and patterns of movement. In becoming physically involved in the photographic process at the outset, I can record my emotional response to the compositions I photograph.”

Campbell sees these photographs as “a more complete impression of the reality I find around me. Now when I photograph, I become a performance artist, a choreographer, a painter and a creator in the photographic realm.”

“Visual artists create art that is related to their lives, perceptions and experiences. I realized that the photographic art in this exhibition is analogous to the fast pace of my own life,” she added. “The direct connection of photography to reality is important to me and so I continue to use photography as my primary medium. Using camera movement capture, I can create painterly photographs that retain their inherent connection to reality.”

BlackRock Center for the Arts Exhibits Dottie Campbell’s “Amped Up,” by Ellyn Wexler, CulturespotMC, May 16, 2019

AMPED UP is on display in BlackRock’s Kay Gallery until June 1.

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