Group Exhibit Featuring 50 Unique Art Quilts with a Uniform Format by




The exhibition Imagination: 1 x 4 presents the work of 50 artist members of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) from the Washington, DC, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina regions.


Each participating fiber artist was invited to use their imagination to escape reality, explore thoughts and feelings, and express themselves by creating a new quilt in a format measuring one foot wide by four feet high.


The imaginative, innovative and inspired art quilts on display were selected by juror Maggie Vanderweit, an internationally recognized quilter and SAQA board member.


The wide range of quilts feature both traditional and experimental materials and textile techniques which include hand dyeing, surface design, piecing, machine and hand quilting, sewing and embroidery.




B. J. Adams, Patricia Arndt, Margaret Black,

Arlene L. Blackburn, Helen Blumen, Wendy Laurel Buettner,

Susan Callahan, Kay Campbell, Holly Cole, Linda Colsh,

Sandy Curran, Barbara Dahlberg, Elizabeth Davison,

Paula Dean, Kathleen P. Decker, Lana Dragon, Lisa Ellis,

Jane Fellows, Ann Flaherty, Julia Gaff, Jayne Bentley Gaskins,

Marcy Shapiro George, Ann Graham, Lesly-Claire Greenberg, Margaret Griffiths, Cindy Grisdela, Robin Hamill,

Janice Hummel, Catherine Kleeman, Susan J Lapham,

Ellen Lindner, Melinda E. Lowy, Janet Marney,

Barbara Matthews, Myania Moses, Dominie Nash,

Sarah Pavlik, Jenny Perry, Estelle Porter, Susan Price,

Mary A. Ritter, Kathleen Rountree, Sheryl E. Sims,

Etta Stewart, Linda Strowbridge, Linda Syverson Guild,

Betsy True, Janice Walker, Katherine Stewart Wilson,

and Dianne Miller Wolman.


Experience this display of imagination and technique in one of two ways. Navigate our New Virtual 3-D Gallery or view the images below.


All images are the property of individual artists and are protected by copyright. No image can be used without the written permission of the artist.

To purchase or inquire about a piece, please contact Gallery Director, Anne Burton

01 - Ann Graham - Kebec.jpg
03 - Margaret Black - Curb Appeal 30.jpg
04 - Dominie Nash - Shibori Dreams 2.jpg
05 - Elizabeth Davison - Cathedral Windo
06 - Catherine Kleeman - Elephant Ears I
07 - Sarah Pavlik - Roll With It.jpg

Ann Graham



Cotton broadcloth, inks, machine quilted



Cost: $1,500.00

Barbara Matthews

Golden Daffodil Bulb


Commercial and hand-painted cotton fabric, cotton batting, machine quilted, hand-beaded.

Cost: $375.00 (SOLD)

Margaret Black

Curb Appeal


100% cotton fabric, thread, batting; free form piecing


Cost: $600.00 (SOLD)

Dominie Nash

Shiboari Dreams 2


Cotton and silk organza, machine appliqué and quilting, shibori


Cost: $600.00

Elizabeth Davison

Cathedral Window

Hand dyed cotton sateen, dupioni silk, machine quilted



Cost: $900.00

Catherine Kleeman

Ears II


Artist dyed and painted cotton fabrics, raw edge machine appliqué, machine stitched and quilted

Cost: $1,300.00

Sarah Pavlik

Roll With 


Pieced surface designed fabric using bicycle tires


Cost: $575.00

Arlene L. Blackburn

Homestead: Sumac on Dunbar Hill


Various natural fibers and cotton threads hand-dyed by artist, rayon threads, color pencil, flannel bat, and commercial cotton. Fused, machine-stitched, and hand embroidery embellishment.


Cost: $1,200.00

09 - Cindy Grisdela - Emerging.jpg
10 - Ann Flaherty - Calm Waters.jpg
12 - Melinda E Lowy - Beyond the Milky W

Cindy Grisdela



Cotton fabric, thread, Improv design



Cost: $950.00

Ann Flaherty

Calm Waters


Raw edge and fused appliqué, fabric paints, machine quilting


Cost: $450.00

Robin Hamill

Three Halves but Not Quite Whole

Machine pieced batiks, cottons; free motion quilting

Cost: $500.00

Melinda E. Lowy

Beyond the Milky Way


Cotton, polyester, beads; fiber etched; machine stitched/ quilted, hand beaded

Cost: $500.00

13 - Lisa Ellis - Finding Beauty.jpg
14 - Helen Blumen - Drawing Lessons.jpg
16 - Lana Dragon - Passage Pondered.jpg

Lisa Ellis



Cotton fabric and thread, machine pieced and quilted, thread painting

Cost: $800.00

Helen Blumen

Drawing Lessons

Vintage handkerchiefs, embroidered with perle cotton


Cost: $400.00

Linda Colsh

Invisible- Disappearing Act 3

Cotton fabric dyed, painted and printed by the artist; machine pieced & machine quilted

Cost: $1,750.00

Lana Dragon

Passage Pondered


Cotton and silk fabric, cotton and silk embroidery thread, original photo transfer, fabric paint and pens

Cost: $3,500.00

17 - Margaret Griffiths - Cosmic Sliver.
18 - Holly Cole - Drawn to Imagination.j
19 - Dianne Miller Wolman - Fit To Be Ti

Margaret Griffiths



Hand dyed fabrics from Colorways by Vicki, machine appliquéd onto a linen/cotton blend background. Embellished w/beading.

Cost: $1,500.00

Holly Cole

Drawn to Imagination

Layered cotton organdy with Inktense drawing and hand embroidery




Cost: $1,300.00

Dianne Miller Wolman

Fit To

Be Tied

Various fabrics from neck ties, cotton backing, various threads, polyester batting. Fused appliqué, machine quilted.

Cost: $600.00

Myania Moses

Nasturtiums in the Snow


Hand dyed and painted fabrics, fabric collage, machine appliqué/ quilting.

Cost: $1,875.00

23 - Wendy Laurel Buettner - Portals.jpg

Katherine Stewart Wilson

Serengeti Massai Mara

African cotton batik, damask, metal chain, leather, animal hide, feathers, bone, glass and wood beads, shell. Bubble texturized, fused appliqué, painted and embellished.

Cost: $4,000.00

Jayne Bentley Gaskins

Spiraling Thoughts


Cloth, thread; appliqué and free-motion stitching.




Cost: $700.00

Wendy Laurel Buettner


Hand stitched reverse appliqué, machine piecing and free-motion quilting.

Cost: $600.00

Susan Price ​

The Imagination of Nature


Eco-printed cotton and silk fabrics, organza, screen printing; machine stitching and hand quilting/ embroidery.

Cost: $650.00

25 - Betsy True - Float Like a Butterfly
27 - Patricia Arndt - Birds of a Feather

Betsy True

Float Like a Butterfly


Hand-painted sky, tree with raw-edge machine appliqué; machine quilted. Cotton and cotton-blend fabrics and batting.

Cost: $500.00

Lesly-Claire Greenberg

Roshambo: Cutting Conversations

Cotton fabric, machine pieced and quilted; Thermofax screen printed/acrylic paint.


Cost: $3,500.00

Patricia Arndt

Birds of a Feather

Appliqué by raw-edge machine embroidery; painting and machine free-motion stitching.

Cost: $950.00

Kathleen Rountree

Flowers on the Wall



Machine quilted on cotton fabric and pieces of a 1940s-era Madeira tablecloth.

Cost: $350.00

30 - Paula Dean - Pareidolia Party.jpg
31 - Etta Stewart - Rainbow Excluded.jpg
32 - Jane Fellows - Sumi-e World.jpg

Linda Syverson Guild

Playing a Game: Balancing Act

Hand dyed cottons and Commercial cotton, cotton batting and backing, polyester stiffener and pipe cleaners.

Cost: $900.00

Paula Dean

Optimistic Pareidolia


Fiber reactive dyed, discharged, fabric collaged, and painted.




Cost: $650.00

Etta Stewart

Rainbow Excluded

Hand dyed fabrics were embellished using both hand and machine embroidery.

Cost: $500.00

Jane Fellows

Sumi-e World


Cotton scrim, folded cotton batiks, cotton batting, polyester sheer, cotton and polyester thread. Free motion quilting, hand embroidery

Cost: $1,800.00

35 - Sheryl E Sims - Mermaid Magic.jpg
36 - Marcy Shapiro George -

Linda Strowbridge

Imagine the End of Oil

Quilters’ cottons, linen, sheers and repurposed clothing. Raw-edge appliqué, pieced, machine quilted and hand embroidered.

Cost: $425.00

Julia Gaff

Nature Has the Staying Power

Commercial cotton prints, photographs taken by the artist and printed onto cotton by a commercial printer


Cost: $600.00

Sheryl E. Sims

Mermaid Magic

Cotton/batik raw edge appliqué with machine quilting.

Cost: $800.00

Marcy Shapiro George


Shibori, hand dyed fabrics and “waste thread”, commercial fabrics. Constructed and quilted on a longarm.

Cost: $450.00

37 - Susan J Lapham - Sideshow #2_ Mildr
38 - Kay Campbell - On the Verge.jpg
40 - BJ Adams - Imagine Compromise.jpg

Susan J Lapham

Sideshow #2: Mildred

Machine-pieced, hand-dyed cotton, long-arm machine quilted

Cost: $900.00

Kay Campbell

On the Verge

Cottons, floral wire, fabric paint.


Cost: $600.00

Barbara Dahlberg

Playing With My Friends

Hand dyed and commercial fabrics, colored pencil, textile medium, silk and cotton threads.

Cost: $750.00

B.J. Adams

Imagine Compromise

Various fabrics, threads: Machine embroidery, appliqué, quilting.

Cost: $1250.00

41 - Mary A Ritter - Topsy Turvy.jpg
44 - Estelle Porter - A Modern Classic.j

Mary A. Ritter

Topsy Turvy


Background spliced from my own hand-dyed fabric quilt; black/white cotton prints; plastic produce bags for trees.

Cost: $450.00

Janice Walker

This Is Where It All Begins-Or Does It

Commercial cottons; machine stitched, turned edge appliqué, machine quilted.

Cost: $600.00

Susan Callahan

Imagine No More Hunger


Pieced and fused, machine quilted and hand stitched.

Cost: $500.00

Estelle Porter

A Modern Classic

Commercial and hand dyed fabrics altered with stamps, stencils, and rubbing plates using paints, inks and oil pastels.

Cost: $1,200.00

45 - Janice Hummel - Up and Away.jpg
46 - Sandy Curran - Sunset.jpg
47 - Jenny Perry - The Stilt Walker.jpg

Janice Hummel

Up and Away

Cotton and polyester fabrics, machine pieced and quilted, appliqué and decorative stitching.


Cost: $600.00

Sandy Curran


Dupioni silk, turned edge appliqué, wool batt, quilted with trilobal polyester thread


Cost: $350.00

Jenny Perry

The Stilt


Hand painted linen, silk and cotton fabrics, fused appliqué, thread painting, machine quilting.

Cost: $750.00

Kathleen P. Decker

Meeting of the Minds

Cotton fabric appliquéd with cotton, metallic, and polyester fibers; machine-quilted.

Cost: $2,000.00

49 - Ellen Lindner - Diversity.jpg

Ellen Lindner


Cotton fabrics, improvisationally machine pieced; machine quilted.

Cost: $595.00

Janet Marney

Imagine My Ideal Garden

Fusible broderie perse; commercial cotton prints; free motion quilting.

Cost: $1,150.00