Free Range Humans is Rewriting Cliché Holiday Entertainment with STRIKING 12

As Maryland undergoes its annual transition from Summer to Winter, seemingly foregoing Fall all together, the residents of Germantown have commenced their preparations for the upcoming holiday season. The budding Frederick-based theatre company, Free Range Humans, is giving locals the option to skip out on the cliché holiday marathons and Christmas music with STRIKING 12, coming to BlackRock December 13 and running through December 22.

STRIKING 12 is a New Year’s oriented musical originated by the New York based rock trio, GrooveLily. Rather than adhering to the standard holiday entertainment we see every year, STRIKING 12 offers a more relatable experience for adults dealing with holiday blues and mishaps.

“It’s not just the same cliché stuff we’ve been seeing for decades,” said Elizabeth Lucas, Producing Artistic Director for Free Range Humans. “STRIKING 12 takes you to a magical fairy tale place, while still dealing with real stuff. Dealing with depression around the holidays, seasonal affective disorder, and people who don’t like the holidays and what they might be going through. At the same time it’s really fun, and the score is upbeat and energetic and it’s just all the right pieces for me when it comes to dealing with serious issues in a way that makes it really lighthearted and fun.”

While it boasts a unique score, blending many musical styles, STRIKING 12 appeals to more than just a niche audience. The multifaceted musical will prove to be enjoyable for a wide range of audiences no matter their preferences.

“I feel STRIKING 12 is right in the middle of the spectrum,” said Lucas as she compared the upcoming productions to their predecessors. “Someone who loves MURDER BALLED is going to love STRIKING 12 for the unconventional storytelling and the complex adult themes. Somebody who loved ALWAYS PATSY CLINE is going to love STRIKING 12 for its warmth and humor; it just sits right in the middle of that spectrum.”

When asked what audiences should be most excited for prior to opening night of the highly anticipated musical, Lucas did not shy away from amplifying the underlying suspense.

“Striking 12 offers a completely unconventional experience. You can expect to experience really beautiful, excited music that gets under your skin and gives you a chance to look at the holidays in a way that absolves any issues you may have regarding the holidays.”

Free Range Humans will be doing a two-week run of STRIKING 12 at BlackRock Center for the Arts beginning Thursday, December 13, and playing their last show Saturday, December 22. Adult tickets range from $25-$45. For more information or to buy tickets visit or call the box office at 240-912-1058.

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