Family Programming

Giggling Wiggling Bookworm

March 5 - March 8
$10 – $15

Dive into the ocean, soar above the mountains and fly through the jungle. Leave the program swinging like a monkey, singing like a bird and eager to celebrate stories from around the world!

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March 14

An interactive, multi-sensory show about the life cycle of a bird for families with children from 6 months to 4 years old.

In a nest in a tree, an egg is kept warm. Then a Baby Bird hatches! The Baby is fed and nurtured by the Tree Fairy, and both the Baby and the Fairy begin to explore what it means to grow up, and to learn how to fly, and what it means to be a parent. Take the journey with your own Baby Bird!

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A Dance Across Cultures

May 3 - May 7

Travel the World with Story Tapestries’ Family Artists
A Dance Across Cultures

Celebrate with us the music, movement and stories of South America. Travel from the Beach to the Amazon, into the villages and through the fast moving cities!

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