ENTRY LEVEL: Exciting Performances This Season!

ENTRY LEVEL is an editorial series by BlackRock Student Interns, sharing their thoughts on events and programs at BlackRock

My name is Lois Chia I go to Northwest HS and I am a rising junior. I joined the Summer RISE program as a way for to get some job experience as an intern. I joined the BlackRock Center for the Arts because of my interests and they have a lot of great performers coming for their upcoming events.

As a teenager, looking at the 2019-20 season, I am most excited to see VINTAGE#18, 21 BLUE, and HEATHER MAE. The reason behind Vintage#18 (Dec. 14) is because it is nice to see a diverse band come together and create this beautiful blues sound. Especially with a women that has a lot of soul in her voice like Robin, the lead singer. It is also very nice to see a women of color on stage performing especially when working with people with different racial backgrounds too that shows how society is evolving, and how blues is for anyone.

VINTAGE#18 performing live at BlackRock on the Fox 5 DC morning news!

I would also like to see 21 Blue (Apr. 11) because of their sound, it is very easy for me to want to move with the sound and enjoy it. Their sound is like you’ve traveled to the Harlem renaissance era in New York in the 1920s. It is also nice to see a diverse group of people come together and create such a soulful sound. Blues is especially really nice to hear, and watching another diverse band like this perform it is amazing.

From the 3rd Thursday singer-songwriter series, I would love to see Heather Mae (Feb. 20) because she talks about many social issues that are going on today in the world. She talks about LGBTQ+ rights, racism, discrimination, body shaming, and more things. I feel like it is important for more people to hear things like this in songs so they can become aware and maybe even be inspired to make a change.

 I think the way the BlackRock Center for the Arts has these performers of different genres come and perform is amazing. It exposes new artists to society. It may even show people a genre of music that they will come to love. The BlackRock Center for the Arts gives people a chance to expose their talents through performances and classes.