Here are some required supplies for classes. We recommend that you contact our Information desk at 301-528-2260 to confirm the class is moving forward before purchasing supplies.

If you have questions about a specific class that is not covered here, please e-mail or call 301-528-2260.


Local Music Stores:

Music & Arts Germantown
21040 B Frederick Ave
Germantown, MD 20876-4149
Phone: 301-353-1113

Victor Litz Music
306 East Diamond Ave.
Gaithersburg Maryland 20877
Phone: 301-948-7478 | 1-800-828-5518

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Music & Arts Rockville
12274 Rockville Pike Ste K
Rockville, MD 20852-5600
Phone: 301-881-6440

Guitar Center
12401 Twinbrook Parkway
Rockville, MD 20852
Phone: 301-231-6100



Students will need a set of headphones, a 1/4 inch adapter, a pencil with a working eraser, and a book for class. Students will work at digital pianos with semi-weighted keys with their headphones during class.

Headphones can be any style: over the ear, in the ear (earbuds), on the ear, or behind the head.

A 1/4 inch adapter is a standard piece of audio equipment and can be purchased at most electronics stores. It turns a standard 3.5mm Stereo Jack into a 1/4″ stereo plug and allows the students to plug their headphones into the pianos for class.

It is strongly recommended that students have a piano at home to practice on. We recommend that pianos or keyboards have at least 61 keys for practice purposes. Please visit one of the local music stores suggested above for recommendations.

Information about which books to be used in which class to follow. Instructors have provided assignments below, any instructor not included will provide that information at the first lesson.

Classes taught by William Chang

Intro to Piano: Piano Adventures, primer level, lesson book
Piano Levels 1-3: Any book that student has used before. New book recommendations will be made in class

Classes taught by Paul Buehler

Intro to Piano: Alfred’s Basic Piano Library: Lesson Book Level 1A (Orange cover)
Piano Level 1:  Alfred’s Basic Piano Library: Lesson Book Level 1B (Green cover)

Classes taught by Barbara Kober

Book recommendations will be made after initial class. Please bring any books you have used with other instructors to initial class.


Guitar classes are taught for both acoustic and classical guitars.  Students must provide their own guitars, a pick, folding music stand, folder, pencil, and the text “Everybody’s Guitar Method Book 1 (with CD).”  Other optional but useful supplies include a guitar strap, tuner, and metronome.


Students will need their own violin, bow, book, and pencil for class.

Introduction to Violin: Essential Elements Book 1
Level 1: Essential Elements Book 2
Level 2: Essential Elements Book 3
Level 3: Essential Elements Book 4


It is recommended that students bring a water bottle to every class, tie hair back or out of face, and remove any jewelry.

Local Dancewear Stores:

Shoes and leotards are often available at places like Target, Walmart, and Payless. Here are some local retailers that specialize in dance apparel:


Repeat Performance
5050-B Nicholson Lane
Rockville, MD 20852
Phone: 301-881-0800

Footlights Frederick
306 East Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701
Phone: 301-696-1558

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Footlights Silver Spring
938 Wayne Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone: 301-326-4351

Les Gals Activewear
2337 Distribution Circle,
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone: 301-608-3237


Online Resources include: Discount Dance Supply, Dancewear Solutions, and many others.

If you or your student is new to dance, there are many different kinds of shoes and leotards that you can buy. We’d recommend going into a dance store and asking the sales representative what they would recommend for a beginning student.

Dance Attire for Seasonal Dance Classes:

All seasonal dance class students should wear comfortably clothes that allow for easy movement to class. This can include dancewear, athleisure wear, sweats, or shorts and a t-shirt.

  • Contemporary: Barefeet or dance paws
  • Hip Hop: Clean sneakers or jazz shoes
  • Kuchipudi: Barefeet
  • Little Belles: Barefeet with tights and a loose t-shirt
  • Strut: High Heels: Dance heels, comfortable high heel shoes, or jazz shoes
  • Tap: Tap shoes required
  • West African Dance: Lapa (large piece of African fabric that is wrapped around the waist) is recommended but not mandatory.

Dance Attire for Conservatory Dance Classes:

  • Girls: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, hair in a bun if applicable. No skirts, tutus or jewelry.
  • Boys: White t-shirt, black tights with black ballet shoes or black dance shorts with white socks and black ballet shoes.
  • Adult Class: Instructor’s discretion. Please use the above attire as a guide.


It is recommended that students bring a folder, pencil with a working eraser, paper, any assigned material, and water bottle to every class.

Visual Art

For a number of our art classes, materials will be provided by BlackRock.  These classes do have a materials fee included in the price.  For those classes without a materials fee, students are required to purchase their own materials prior to the first class.  If you already have the materials listed, please feel free to bring them.  Before purchasing supplies we recommend you call our Front Desk at 301-528-2260 to confirm the class is being held.

Supplies for The Art of Drawing with Walkiria Torrealba:

1 drawing pad 11”x 15”
1 kneaded eraser
black charcoal sticks
white and sanguine sticks
1 paper stump or tortillon
1 black conte crayon

Supplies for Painting with Oil and Acrylic

Oil and acrylic canvas paper pad 9”x12”
small box of 12 acrylic paints
small box of 12 oil paints
1 packet of brushes

Supplies for Drawing and Painting with Walkiria Torealba:

For Drawing:
1 Drawing Paper Pad 11 x 15
1 kneaded eraser
1 charcoal pencil
1 “sanguine” stick
1 paper stump
Pencils HB, 2B

For Painting
1 Oil and Acrylic Canvas Paper Pad 9 x 12
1 small box of 12 Acrylic Paints
1 small box of 12 Oil Paints
1 Packet of Brushes
1 small bottle of linseed oil
1 small bottle of turpentine

Supplies for Watercolor Still Life with Matthew Bird:

Sample palette would include: Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Red, Alizarin Crimson, Mineral Violet, Prussian Blue, French Ultramarine Blue, Quinacridone Gold, Quinacridone Burnt Orange (Daniel Smith), Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Neutral Tint

*This is a sample of a complete palette that would be ideal for class. If you already have paints than the palette you already have might work. Bring to class so instructor can review and make suggestions if needed.

2″or 3″ Hake Brush; small, medium, and large rounds

Watercolor Paper
100% cotton rag paper, 300 lb. Cold Press

Water Bucket (some will be available)
Terry cloth towel larger than the paper you will be working on
Masking Fluid and masking tape (Scotch brand, 1″)

Supplies for Exploring Watercolor with David Daniels:

 Bring any watercolor supplies that you already have. The following is a suggested list of materials. Feel free to go beyond the limits of this list, but in any case buy the highest quality products you can afford.

  • Paper: Several sheets (3-5) of D’Arches, 140 lb or D’Arches 300lb cold pressed watercolor paper. 22″ x 30″. Please buy full sheets, not pads or blocks. Please, no spiral bound pads. Sheets may be cut in half for ease of transportation.
  • Palette: There are many commercially made palettes that work very well. I would recommend the John Pike or Robert Wood pallete. Make sure that your palette has numerous compartments to hold your paints and a large mixing area.
  • Paint: Please use professional-grade tube watercolors. A basic palette should consist of a warm and a cool version of each of the “primaries” as listed below. Brands may be mixed. Ultramarine Blue Hansa Yellow Light Alizarin Crimson Phthalo Blue New Gamboges Cadmium Red Carbazole Violet Pyrolle Orange Quinacridone Gold Choose from the colors listed below if you wish to expand your color choices: Cobalt Blue Sap Green Quinacridone Pink Turquoise Winsor Violet Cerulean Blue Veridian Chinese White Permanent Rose Neutral Tint Winsor Yellow Magenta Cadmium Yellow Cobalt Violet Hookers Green Cobalt Teal Phthalo Green Quinacridone Sienna
  • Brushes: Three basic brushes are needed. A 1″ flat (wash brush), and two round pointed brushes. A #6 and a #10 should work well. My personal brushes are a #2 & #6 Raphael, Kazan Watercolor Mop, and a 1″ flat Daniel Smith, series 44-09
  • Liquid Frisket Liquid Frisket is used as a masking agent. It is available in many brands.
  • Sundries: Two plastic water containers, sketch pad, pencils, masking tape, paper towels, tracing paper, and graphite stick.
  • We will be painting primarily from photographs and sketches. Bring a large assortment of photos and/or drawings containing subjects that are of interest to you- landscapes, still-life, and flowers etc.

Supplies for Urban Sketching with Brian Mason:

Sketching pencils: HB
Portable Watercolor Pallet
Watercolors (student grade is fine)
Ink Pens
Gel Pens