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Jane Franklin Dance

A diverse cast of artists reveal a fresh take on physical storytelling. Isolated stories communicate through the universality of common experience. Works by Robert J. Priore, Jane Franklin, Ryan Carlough, Robert Rubama, Kevin White and Andie deVaulx for Forty+ Project traverse political fault lines, resonate with place, and comfort with intimacy and optimism.
(Appropriate for all ages.)

Sunday, April 16, 2023 at 9:00:00 PM UTC

Jane Franklin’s Stratum contrasts the desire to not-be-seen with the opposite urge to become larger than life. Spanish guitar by Manuel Granada, “Romance Anonimo” accompanies duets that accumulate and dissolve. Music by Astor Piazzolla and Vio-dion Duo anchor layered movement.

Ryan Carlough’s This Is takes a look at the relationship between employees. Individual perspectives are relayed when an “incident” occurs. Original music is by local artist Violet Barnhart.

Forty+ Project is a community of performers past the age of 40. The group explores movement and creativity within a cooperative structure. Cloudy with a Chance of Sun, by Andie deVaulx explores the regenerative time of winter and the joy of spring.

Robert J. Priore’s Knew is a trio that frames fractured partnership. Surprising movement responds to music: "The Poet" Bachar Mar-Khalife, "Misty Blue" Dorothy Moore, "O mes theatres" Barbara Alexander Tharaud,

Robert Rubama’s Drone is a quartet within a symmetrical form danced to “Fantas for Saxophone and Voice” by Caterina Barbieri (featuring Bendik Giske)

Jane Franklin's trio Shake vibrates with electric energy. Spoken word by Bennie Herron adds memory to the narrative as three poems, “Connected,” “Powdered Milk,” “Summertime” bring forward images of childhood. “Herron’s verse style is informed in part by the socially conscious Hip Hop artists of the 1990s and poets of the Black Arts Movement of the late 1960s, among a myriad of other sources.”

Peace is of a Man, a new work by Kevin White is performed to spoken word by Bennie Herron. Individuals are connected by a circle, while short personal movement statements isolate. “Herron’s poetry presents a prismatic lens on his upbringing as a Black man, including close observations of the familial, interpersonal, and cultural forces that have shaped him.”

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