Culturespot MC Spotlights BlackRock Woodstock

Culturespot MC’s Ellyn Wexler has written a terrific preview of BlackRock Woodstock, spotlighting the artists who will bring the iconic music to life in our free all day festival of art, peace, and music!

LINK: BlackRock Center for the Arts Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Woodstock

While attending a national conference this past winter, Alyona Ushe came up with a great idea for the coming summer. Realizing that the 50th anniversary of Woodstock would take place in August, BlackRock Center for the Arts’ executive director wanted to bring the spirit of 1969’s legendary music festival to Germantown.

“BlackRock’s staff was ecstatic about the idea, and we have been shaping the festival ever since,” Ushe said. “A lot of love and peace is going into this festival by the entire BlackRock crew!”

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