Snowy BlackRockFirst and foremost, we hope everyone is safe and sheltered!

  • BlackRock Center for the Arts always closes when the Montgomery County Government is closed. This stands for all days of the week. Montgomery County Government posts their status on their main webpage here.
  • When there is a report of potential inclement weather, BlackRock will make a decision by 12:00pm on weekdays and 7:30am on weekends whether or not we will be open for classes that day. BlackRock reserves the right to change a decision from open to closed after these specific times, should the weather worsen.
  • BlackRock Center for the Arts does not automatically follow MCPS school closings or delays. So please use the following methods to check on the status of BlackRock classes:
    • Visit our Home Page: Under EDUCATION we will post our status in bold red lettering.  We will also post information on the blue calendar block on the right.
    • Visit our Facebook Page: Please note that you do not need to have a Facebook account or be “friends” with BlackRock to view our page.  However, we encourage you to “friend” us so you can have up-to-date information about BlackRock in your News Feed!
  • BlackRock Center for the Arts will make every effort to reschedule events, performances, and classes that are missed due to weather. (Make-up classes are not guaranteed).
  • BlackRock Center for the Arts will not provide refunds for missed classes due to inclement weather or other closings.
  • Inclement Weather Policy for Performances and Events

    Generally, BlackRock performances will go on as scheduled regardless of inclement weather and, BlackRock Center is not required to provide a refund. If a performance is canceled without a re-scheduled date, refunds or exchanges into other performances will be offered for 30 days. Contact the box office for more details (240-912-1058). BlackRock patron services staff will make every effort to notify you of a cancellation via email, website and/or social media.

  • Snow Make Up Class Information

    When possible, BlackRock Center for the Arts will hold a make-up week when classes are canceled due to snow. Classes will be held at their regularly scheduled time and date during this week. If only one of your classes has been canceled due to inclement weather, then all classes will be completed.

    If more than one class has been canceled due to inclement weather or other cancellations, then make-up options may be presented to students and families on a class-by-class basis depending on the teacher’s availability and availability of the space at BlackRock. Although BlackRock will make every effort to make-up all canceled classes during the winter session, we cannot guarantee that all make-ups will occur.

    BlackRock cannot provide refunds for canceled classes due to inclement weather, and is clearly stated in our registration policies for all classes.