Community Art Day: Spinning


Sat, Nov 12 | 10 AM – 1 PM | FREE

Drop in on Saturday, November 12 from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. and join us for a special Community Art Day focused on hand spinning. This free event will feature hands-on activities focused on hand spinning, spinning demonstrations using drop spindles and a variety of spinning wheels, and gallery tours of the exhibition “TWIST: The Art of Spinning by Hand” which includes a SPIN LAB. All ages and ability levels are welcome. Free.

“TWIST: The Art of Spinning by Hand,” which will be on view from November 5 through December 17 in The Kay Gallery, is a dynamic exhibition and “happening” that brings the art, craft, science, technology, and community experience of contemporary hand spinning to a wider audience. Curated by Jennifer Lindsay, “TWIST” creates a 360-degree experience of hand spinning with a display of fine, contemporary hand made tools, fiber, art yarns, art, and art-to-wear; SPIN LAB, a hands-on activity lab; and a collaborative artwork, “Spinning Our Yarns; Telling Our Stories,” that will be made from hand spun yarns contributed by spinners of all ability levels from around the United States and the world. Before the exhibition opens, and while it is on view, visitors will be invited to join Spin-Ins — community spinning sessions open to all ages and levels of experience — to learn to spin, make yarns, and add them to the display. The SPIN LAB will be a unique feature of the exhibition where visitors can try out spinning tools and fibers.

“TWIST: The Art of Spinning by Hand,” will feature a curated exhibition of extraordinary spinning tools and accessories hand made for today’s spinners by America’s most sought after artists and makers — including finely crafted and engineered spinning wheels, drop and supported spindles, spindle bowls, Lazy Kates, yarn winders, niddy noddies, and nostepinnes that illustrate an ongoing synthesis of global spinning traditions with contemporary materials and interests. Art fibers and yarns will be on display by fiber artists whose innovative custom fiber preps and spinning techniques have excited a renewed interest in spinning highly colorful, fantastically textured yarns. The featured fiber artists use raw and minimally processed animal and plant fibers, natural and synthetic fibers, new and natural dyes, found objects, and recycled materials to make custom, hand blended fibers and yarns that can be appreciated as a finished art form and as an invitation to spin, knit, crochet, or weave these fibers into new projects. Works of art and wearables made from handspun fiber will also be presented by artists who use their hand spun yarns to make wall hangings, tapestries, sculptural forms, jewelry, and garments that show the artistry and excitement of dyeing, blending, spinning, and creating with hand spun fiber and yarns.

Learn more about the “TWIST: The Art of Spinning by Hand” exhibit — including the artists and makers whose work will be on display in the exhibit curated by Jennifer Lindsay — and details about “Spin-Ins: Learn to Spin Sessions” and “Community Art Day: Spinning” events, and how you can submit your yarns to the collaborative installation “Spinning Our Yarns; Telling Our Stores” which will be on display. Find all the details at: