Arts Adventurers Camp: Grades 1-2

Adventurers_ColHeadSmallThe “TIME” of your life! Experience history and new adventures hands-on as you blast through time and space! Using creative art, songs, dance and drama you will discover a very different iconic time period each week. Enroll for a week, a few weeks or the whole summer for an out of this world experience! Join us on the final day of camp as all Arts Adventures campers participate in fun mini-performance for family and friends. Extended day option is available.

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Times: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm (Extended day option is available)
Fees: $295.00 per session ($280.00 member price) – Week 3 is $240/$225 member

 Choose from the following weeks & themes:

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Week 1: June 16-20 | Mysteries & Mammoths of the Stone Age

Week 1 you will travel through time to the first known human civilization. Have fun calling on your inner cave boy or girl doing arts activities from cave paintings to the use of berries and clays as art media. The songs and theater experiences this week will be totally prehistoric – and fun to share with family friends at the end of the week. Watch out for wholly mammoths!

Course ID: 414.711.1 | 6/16-6/20 | $295 / $280 (member)


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Week 2: June 23-27 | Walk Like an Egyptian

Back onto the time machine, for a week 2 journey to Ancient Egypt. Explore art that celebrates the architecture and advanced technology of the Ancient Egyptians. You will also discover music and theater activities that inspire, educate, and bring the mystery of Ancient Egypt to life! Bring it all together with a musical sharing for family at the end of the week.

Course ID: 414.712.1 | 6/23-6/27 | $295 / $280 (member price)
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Week 3: June 30 – July 3 | Jungle Jaguars of the Mayan Empire

Addie craftsFor week 3 you will venture back in time to land in the heart of the lush rainforests of South America. Create rainforest landscapes and explore the intricate patterns and color from landmarks built during the Mayan Empire. Your end-of-session performance uses music and inspiration from the intriguing people that created the legend of “El Dorado”. No camp on July 4.

Course ID: 414.713.1 | 6/30-7/3 | $240 / $225 (member)

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Week 4: July 7-11 | It’s Greek to Me!

Experience history and new adventures hands on as you blast through time and space! Your time machine takes you to Ancient Greece where you will visit the birthplace of theater. Arts experiences this week will focus on the architecture and beauty that has come from the Ancient Greek civilization. Enjoy putting on a mini-performance that uses music and inspiration from the vast myths of Ancient Greece.

Course ID: 414.714.1 | 7/7-7/11 | $295 / $280 (member)

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Week 5: July 14-18 | Ming Dynasty Dragons and More!

Whiz through time and space during week 5 to Ming Dynasty China! Have fun using the same art materials that originated in the times of the Ming Dynasty, as well as exploring the memorable music and dramatic techniques from this amazing culture that has stood the test of time. Don’t forget to feed the dragons! There will be a sharing for family and friends at the end of the week.

Course ID: 414.715.1 | 7/14-7/18 | $295 / $280 (member)

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Week 6: July 21-25 | Knights of the Round Table

The final destination this summer at BlackRock explores the art, music and folktales that have traveled far and wide. In week 6, every prince or princess will have a blast pretending to be a Knight of the Round Table or a Maid Marion. The music, art, dance and dramatic stories of King Arthur’s court will be in full session, especially at the end-of-session sharing for family and friends.

Course ID: 414.716.1 | 7/21-25 | $295 / $280 (member)

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