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Spring Break Camp – March 26th – 30th
Grades K-5

BlackRock offers five days chock full of fun sampling all of the various art forms including music, dance, theater and visual arts.  Your camper will spend their days off this spring painting, singing, learning new dances and creating characters on stage.  Campers can register for camp by the day or for the whole week!
Dates: March 26th – 30th
Time: 9:00am – 3:30pm
Everyday at 3:00pm there is a sharing of the work from the day’s activities.
Registration for the week (5 days): $315 | Early Registration Price for the week: $300 till March 1st
Registration per day: $75

Register for Spring Break Camp – Full Week
Register for Spring Break Camp – Monday Register for Spring Break Camp – Tuesday Register for Spring Break Camp – Wednesday Register for Spring Break Camp – Thursday Register for Spring Break Camp – Friday
BlackRock members at the Fan level and above receive a $5.00 discount off day registrations or $15 off when registering for the entire week.

After Care is available from 3:30pm – 6:30pm
After Care per day: $25  After Care for the entire week: $100
No member discounts available for After Care.
Register for Spring Break Camp After Care- Full Week
Register for Spring Break Camp After Care- MondayRegister for Spring Break Camp After Care- TuesdayRegister for Spring Break Camp After Care- WednesdayRegister for Spring Break Camp After Care- ThursdayRegister for Spring Break Camp After Care- Friday

Summer Camp

Be a star this summer at BlackRock Center for the Arts!

Your road to stardom starts here! BlackRock Center for the Arts has 9 exciting weeks of summer programming designed for campers ages 4 ½ – 19 to explore, experience and celebrate the arts.

Scholarships are available for summer camps.  Our scholarship application deadline for summer camp is Friday, May 11th.  Information about scholarships and our scholarship application can be found by clicking here.

Early Registration Deadline is April 1st!

Arts Journeys Camp
Grades K-3

Campers will journey to places that only the arts can take them using theater, music, visual arts and dance. Each day campers will create art projects, learn new songs and dances, and act in different skits.  At the end of each week campers will perform for family and friends an original presentation showcasing everything that they learned.  With a different theme each week camp is guaranteed to be both entertaining and educational for your camper.  This summer campers will explore wild animals, grab their capes to fend off villains, feel the bright lights of Broadway, be a star in Hollywood, get their lab coats ready for some wacky experiments, and open a world of wonder as their favorite books come to life.  In Arts Journeys the only limit is your camper’s imagination!

Dates: June 18th – July 27th (6, one-week session)
Time: 9:00am – 3:30pm
$300 for Early Registration | $315 Regular Tuition per week
*Week 3: No camp on July 4th.
$240 for Early Registration | $255 Regular Tuition
BlackRock members at the Fan level and above receive an additional $15 discount off tuition.

Register Now Week 1 (June 18 – 22): The Animal Kingdom – 418.9215.1

Register Now Week 2 (June 25 – 29): Superhero Adventures – 418.9225.1

Register Now Week 3 (July 2 – 6): New York, NY – 418.9235.1 (No camp on July 4)

Register Now Week 4 (July 9 – 13): Hollywood – 418.9245.1

Register Now Week 5 (July 16 – 20): Mad Science! – 418.9255.1

Register Now Week 6 (July 23 – 27): Library Alive! – 418.9265.1


Performing Arts Camp
Grades 3-8

Let’s put on a show! Our professional, artistic staff will guide campers through this intensive musical theater program. Campers will be grouped by age and are cast in an original show where they will learn stage directions, character development, choreography, music, set design and art.  Each 2-week session explores a different theme.  On the last day, campers will perform their production on our Mainstage for family and friends.  Please note this exciting camp fills up fast so register your child now!

Dates: June 18th – July 27th (3, two-week sessions)
Time: 9:00am – 3:30pm
$540 for Early Registration | $565 Regular Tuition per week
*Session 2: No camp for July 4th.  $486 for Early Registration | $511 Regular Tuition per week.
BlackRock members at the Fan level and above receive an additional $15 discount off tuition.


Register Now Session 1: Superheroes on Stage
June 18-29 – 418.9315.1
It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s Superheroes taking over BlackRock! Mix Batman, Wonder Woman, The Hulk, Iron Man, The Incredibles and more along with their ultimate archenemies and villains and what do you get?  Find out this summer.  This session is sure to bring the “POW” and “BAM” to summer camp as superheroes and villains from various worlds including Marvel, DC Comics, Disney and the classics converge on our Mainstage.  Musicals such as Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark and It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s Superman and even Lego Batman and more will serve as inspiration for this thrilling session of camp.

Register Now Session 2: From Hollywood to Broadway (no camp on July 4th)
July 2-13 – 418.9325.1
What happens when you mix the magical world of Hollywood with the bright lights of Broadway? This exciting session of camp.  This session is inspired by all of the musicals that are based on movies.  We are taking the fun and fantasy of some of your favorite films and putting them on stage.  Broadway musicals like Shrek, Legally Blonde, Footloose, and the new hit show Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will be explored as we bring Hollywood to Germantown!

Register Now Session 3: The Library is ALIVE!
July 16-27 – 418.9335.1
You will not hear “shhhh” in this library! Late at night, when the librarians have left, all of the books have been checked back in, the computers are shut down, and the lights are turned off, something is stirring in the library.  This electrifying session of camp explores what happens when the stories and characters you know and love from your favorite books pop off the pages.  Musicals like A Very Potter Musical, Suessical, Music Man, and more will serve as our guide.  What adventures ensue as the characters from Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Dr. Seuss, and more come to life?  Come see for yourself!


Multi-Arts Discovery Camp
Grades K-6

This is an excellent sampler of all of the artistic disciplines BlackRock has to offer. Each day, campers will be fully immersed in a specific aspect of the arts: drama, visual art and design, movement and dance, and songs and music. On Friday, campers get to pick their favorite! The last day of camp will include a presentation showcasing the work campers accomplished in their favorite arts discipline.

Dates: July 30th – August 17th (3, one-week sessions)
Time: 9:00am – 3:30pm
$300 for Early Registration | $315 Regular Tuition per week
BlackRock members at the Fan level and above receive an additional $15 discount off tuition.

Register Now Session 1 (July 30th – August 3rd): 418.9415.1

Register Now Session 2 August 6th – 10th): 418.9425.1

Register Now Session 3 (August 13th – 17th): 418.9435.1


The Teen Arts Experience
Grades 7 – 12

This program provides an opportunity for older campers to develop their artistic skills in a specific discipline. Each session finishes with a showcase featuring the work they have been creating throughout the week.

Dates: July 30th – August 17th (3, one-week sessions)
Time: 9:00am – 3:30pm
$300 for Early Registration
$315 Regular Tuition per week
BlackRock members at the Fan level and above receive
an additional $15 discount off tuition.

Register Now Session 1: Musical Theater Workshop:

July 30th – August 3rd – 418.9515.1
Campers spend an amazing week developing their “triple-threat” musical theater skills: singing, dancing and acting. This is a great program for campers who have spent a summer in our Performing Arts Camp and want to hone their skills.   Campers will create an original cabaret of songs, dances, scenes and monologues pulling from musicals like Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked, Hamilton and You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

Register NowSession 2: Acting and Improvisation
August 6th – 10th – 418.9525.1
Exploring the actor’s tools of body, voice, and imagination campers will learn to make up great characters on the fly, work with fellow campers to create funny sketches, and play wild theater games.  Campers will learn the art of “yes, and…” and practice and perform exercises in the style of the television show, Whose Line is it Anyway?  This week will end with an exciting showcase of games and sketches for family and friends to enjoy.

Register NowSession 3: Visual Art Grab-Bag
August 13th – 17th – 418.9535.1
Every day campers will explore a different artistic medium and create a small but dynamic portfolio of original work. Painting, watercolor, clay, collage, mixed-media and more will be used in this dynamic camp.  The week will end with an exhibition of the camper’s work for family and friends.

Before Care

You can now sign in campers as early as 7:45am to the care of camp counselors before the start of the program day. Campers will be offered the chance to do craft projects, board games, warm-up activities, or simply relax and read before the start of a busy day. Campers may not be signed in before 7:45am.

Ages: 4 ½ -13 (K-8th Grade)
Time: 7:45am-9:00am
Dates: June 18th – August 17th (9, 1-week sessions)
Tuition: $50 per week for members and non-members

Week 1: 418.9115.1  Week 2: 418.9115.2  Week 3: 418.9115.3  Week 4: 418.9115.4  Week 5: 418.9115.5  Week 6: 418.9115.6Week 7: 418.9115.7  Week 8: 418.9115.8  Week 9: 418.9115.9


After Care

Your campers can have fun spending extra time after the camp day with creative art projects, board games, contests, theater and dance games and a once a week movie. You are encouraged to provide your child with a snack if they are participating in After Care. Campers must be enrolled in a BlackRock camp during that week in order to participate.  Campers must be picked up by 6:30pm, or late fees will be charged.

Ages: 4 ½ -13 (K – 8th Grade)
Time: 3:30pm-6:30pm
Dates: June 18th-August 17th (9 1-week sessions)
Tuition: $100 per week for members and non-members

Week 1: 418.9615.1  Week 2: 418.9615.2  Week 3: 418.9615.3  Week 4: 418.9615.4  Week 5: 418.9615.5  Week 6: 418.9615.6Week 7: 418.9615.7  Week 8: 418.9615.8  Week 9: 418.9615.9


Counselor in Training (CIT) Program

This is an excellent opportunity for campers entering grades 9-12 to earn Student Service Learning (SSL) hours and develop great leadership and supervision skills assisting campers between the ages of 4 ½ to 13. CIT programs are available for Arts Journeys, Performing Arts Camp, Multi-Arts Institute, and After Care. Experience working with children and an interest in visual art, drama, music, or dance is preferred.
CITs must be 14 by the start of their camp session, be entering 9th grade and are required to attend their entire session.

CIT Schedules: 8:30am-3:45pm for camps and 3:15-6:30pm for After Care.

All CIT’s must attend one Mandatory Training Session. Please select one of the training dates when you register: Tuesday, May 22nd from 5:30pm – 8:00pm, Wednesday, May 30th from 5:00pm – 7:30pm, or Tuesday, June 14th from 3:00 – 5:30pm.  You only need to attend one of these sessions.

Tuition: $25 for 1-week camps and After Care, $50 for 2-week camps (prices are for members and non-members)

Please note there is a daily limit to the number of SSL hours a CIT can earn. This limit is exceeded when registering to be a CIT for both a full camp day and After Care.  Please consult your camper’s school for regulations.  BlackRock is a pre-approved MCPS SSL organization.

CIT Course Codes:

Arts Jouneys Camp
Week 1: 418.9216.1 Week 2: 418.9226.1 Week 3: 418.9236.1 Week 4: 418.9246.1 Week 5: 418.9256.1 Week 6: 418.9266.1

Performing Arts Camp
Session 1: 418.9315.1  Session 2: 418.9326.1  Session 3: 418.9336.1

Visual Arts CIT Position for Performing Art Camp
These CITs will be assigned to our Camp Art Director, Marta Lautz and will assist her throughout the day in our Wet Studio. CITs will help Marta set up the room for various projects, assist in the creation of the backdrop and props, help campers with art projects and materials and assist Marta in cleaning up the Wet Studio each day. This CIT will not be assigned to a camp group and instead be stationed in the Wet Studio. An interest and experience with visual arts and basic drawing and painting skills is necessary. If your CIT is interested in participating in the show and helping campers with music, dance and acting, this position is not the right position. Please review the general Performing Arts Camp CIT position.  If your CIT is interested and experienced in art, drawing, painting, being creative and helping campers with visual art projects, than this is a perfect position.  There are only two positions available each camp session.
Session 1: 418.9366.1  Session 1: 418.9376.1  Session 1: 418.9386.1

Multi-Arts Discovery Camp
Session 1: 418.9416.1  Session 2: 418.9426.1  Session 3: 418.9436.1

After Care
Week 1: 418.9616.1 Week 2: 418.9616.2 Week 3: 418.9616.3 Week 4: 418.9616.4 Week 5: 418.9616.5 Week 6: 418.9616.6Week 7: 418.9616.7 Week 8: 418.9616.8 Week 9: 418.9616.9


Sports Meets the Arts Camp

BlackRock is partnering with the Maryland Soccerplex & Discovery Sports Center to bring a half-day sports and a half-day arts camp for seven weeks in June, July and August. All activities will take place at the Discovery Sports Center at the Maryland Soccerplex, where teachers from BlackRock will hold visual art classes for half of the day and instructors from the Discovery Sports Center play a variety of sports activities with campers during the other half of the day. For ages 5-11.  For more information or to register, please call the MD Soccerplex at 301-528-1480 or visit their website
For a downloadable registration form click here.


Registration and Policies:

Early Registration: Register by April 2nd to take advantage of our Early Registration Discount of $15-$25 off each camp. BlackRock members at the Fan level and above receive an additional $15 discount. Early Registration pricing and member discounts are not available for CIT programs, Before Care or After Care.

Payment Plans: A 2-Part Payment Plan is now available for Arts Journeys, Performing Arts, Multi Arts Discovery and Teen Arts Experience camps.  50% of the camp tuition plus $20 payment plan set up fee is paid at the time of registration.  The remaining 50% balance is automatically withdrawn on June 1st for Arts Journeys and Performing Arts camp registrations and July 1st for Multi Arts Discovery and Teen Arts Experience camps.  Payment plans must be set up using a valid credit card.  Second payment is automatically withdrawn at 12:01am on the designated day.
*You can also still pay in full for your camps.  When registering online, simply close the Payment Plan window and you will see the option to choose “Pay in Full.”

Refund Policy: If a camp is cancelled a full refund is given. If refund request is made 2 weeks or more before the start date of camp, and total camp tuition is paid, you are entitled to a 50% refund or 100% credit. If paying for camp with a payment plan and final payment has not been made, your initial payment of 50% is forfeited or can be turned into a credit to your BlackRock account. No refunds are given within 2 weeks of a camp start date or after camp has started. CIT tuition and payment plan fees are non-refundable. Withdraw requests must be submitted in writing to  Credits can be used towards any class, camp, or workshop sponsored by the Education Department.  Credits last for one year and cannot be converted into a refund.  Refunds may take 6 to 8 weeks to process.

Holidays: There will be no camp on Wednesday, July 4th in celebration of Independence Day.

Health Forms: Health and emergency information is included in the online registration process. If you choose to register over the phone, please be prepared to provide health-related information about your child to our Front Desk Staff, including contact information for your child’s physician and date of last tetanus shot. If your child will need to take or keep medication during camp or if they do not attend a licensed Maryland public or private school, you must submit a separate form which can be found below.

Nut-Free Camps: All BlackRock camps are Nut-Free. This includes peanuts, tree-nuts and all nut products.

Flexible Ages: Rising 3rd graders are eligible to participate in either Arts Journeys or Performing Arts Camp. Please contact us at 301-528-2260 if you need help deciding on the best camp for your child.

Scholarships: There are a limited number of need-based scholarships available. Applications can be found at and are due by May 11th along with supporting documentation. They can be mailed, dropped off, or scanned and emailed to  Scholarship applications must be filled out in their entirety.  Uncompleted scholarship applications will not be reviewed.

Camp Rules and Regulations: All campers are to abide by behavior policies stated at the time of registration and in the Summer Camp Handbook. There are outlined consequences for inappropriate behavior including BlackRock’s right to excuse a child from camp. Please review all rules with your child. The camp handbook can be found below.

Photography Policy: BlackRock reserves the right to use photographs and video, taken in class or at the Center, of campers, participants and/or their artwork for the purposes of instruction and/or advertising and promotion of BlackRock and its programs. Participants and families will not receive compensation of any kind for this use of images. If you do not agree you must notify the Director of Education in writing prior to registration.

All BlackRock camps are Nut-Free. This includes peanuts, tree-nuts and all nut products. 

Register online, by phone or in person (9:00am-5:00pm Monday – Saturday):
BlackRock Center for the Arts, 12901 Town Commons Drive, Germantown, MD 20874
Phone: 301-528-2260
Online Registration:

Camps fill quickly, so register by April 2nd to avoid disappointment!


Camp Forms

Health and Emergency Information for camps is now completed online during the registration process.  All information must be complete and accurate in order for your child to participate in camp.

Summer Camp Handbook
BlackRock Summer Camp Handbook
Please review our Summer Camp Handbook.

Immunization Certification Form
Immunization Certification Form
We are required by Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Licensure and Regulatory Services to have updated immunization records for all campers. If your child does not attend a licensed public or private school in Maryland, the above form needs to be submitted to us before your child can participate in camp.

Authorization for Prescription Medication Form
Authorization for Prescription Medication Form
If your child requires medication, including over-the-counter medication, to be administered during the program day the above form must be completed and submitted to the Education Department. The form should accompany the medication in the original container.

Camp Rules and Regulations
BlackRock Camp Rules and Regulations
Please review the above for camp rules and regulations.