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For Children and Adults!

Whether you are planning a birthday party for someone who is turning 3 or 103, BlackRock is a great place to have your party.

For Children

Spend your child’s special day doing what they love most! Whether it’s theater games and improv fun, building LEGO® structures or dressing up like princesses, birthday parties at BlackRock provide creative fun for all, while your house stays clean and tidy! We offer two outstanding packages with five different creative options to suit your child’s interests.

Choose from two different packages:

The Basic Birthday Package

  • A two hour rental of our Terrace Gallery and Lounge (plus a half hour on either side to set up and clean up)
  • An experienced BlackRock instructor, determined by the age group and artistic interests of the birthday girl or boy, to lead a fully interactive, creative and fun arts workshop.
  • A helpful staff member there before and after the party to help you welcome guests and navigate the set up and clean-up process.

The Deluxe Birthday Package

Includes everything that comes along with the basic package plus:

  • Your very own Birthday Concierge who will help you every step of the way from planning, through to taking care of all set up, coordination, cake-cutting, clean up and more. All you need to do is show up and get your camera out!
  • Decorations, goody bags, party favors and balloons.
  • Pizza and drinks, birthday cake, a crown for the birthday girl or boy, plates, cups, and napkins

Choose from five different fun-filled themes:

Improv and Theater Games Party 
In this fun and fast-paced class your group of young actors will create characters, comic scenes and work together through fun and interactive theater games!  We can even design the games and scenes around a favorite theme: Space Adventures, Fairy Tales, Amazing Animals; the choices are endless!

Ballerina Dance Party
Leap, jump, tip toe, gallop, and skip across our dance floors in this wonderful ballerina-themed dance party!  Learn some moves with our instructor and create some original dances to share with your friends. Tutus Included!

Perfect Princess Party
Receive an enchanting lesson in how to be a proper princess! One of our expert princess teachers will give your group a lesson in proper princess (and prince!) etiquette, teach songs, read stories and learn to act like royalty! Kids are encouraged to wear their favorite princess/prince outfits and accessories to the party.

LEGO® Building Party 
Kids can use their imaginations to create interesting and dynamic sculptures and projects using LEGO® bricks as a medium for their creations. Students will work individually and in groups to develop their creations under the facilitation of an instructor trained in the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology.

Crazy Creatures Arts and Crafts Party
At this fun party, kids will create drawings, clay models, and even puppets of all different kinds of creatures from their imagination or a specific one! From animals to monsters, students can create just about anything. If your child has specific creatures in mind they want to create, let us know!

Make your child’s next birthday one to remember! Contact the BlackRock Events Manager, fill out the form below or call 240-912-1052 for more information or to reserve your event!


Up to 15 guests $495.00 $795.00 $425 $725
16-20 guests $595.00 $895.00 $525 $825
21-25 guests $695.00 $995.00 $625 $925


For Adults

Adults love to have fun on their birthday too! BlackRock has housed some amazing adult birthday parties over the years. Take a peek below at the gallery of parties – there is so much you can do when you bring the year in with style!

Check out some of the birthday parties that have been held at BlackRock:

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How far in advance do we need to schedule the party?
In order for the BlackRock education team to find just the right instructor for your party, it’s best to give us a month’s notice.

How many guests can we include?
The maximum number of students we can accommodate in the workshop is 25, including the birthday girl or boy. Please plan your guest list accordingly. We cannot make exceptions for groups larger than 25.

How many adults should be present at the party?
We require at least one parent/guardian chaperone for every 10 students, so if the maximum number of 15 is attending the party, two adults must be present. Additional adults are welcome, as long as the total number of people in the classroom does not exceed 40.

When does the workshop occur in the party and how long does it last?
The workshop starts at the beginning of the two-hour rental. This allows the instructor sufficient time and space to set-up prior to the guests’ arrival. The workshop can be 60-90 minutes depending on the preferences of the child or parent.

What do we do after the workshop?
The remaining 30-60 minutes following the workshop can be used to serve snacks, cake, etc. provided by you in the basic package or provided by your Birthday Concierge in the deluxe package. BlackRock has a refrigerator available for your use to store food during the party.

What if there are any damages to art or BlackRock property during the party?
BlackRock requires a $500 damage deposit upon booking. This deposit is fully-refundable. In the event of any damage, we will deduct the costs incurred from the deposit.


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