Volunteer Spotlight: Michael Isacson

Occupation: Security Officer

Volunteer Hours: (How many hours have you volunteered so far?): 2-4

Why did you want to volunteer at BlackRock? As a photographer, I wanted to be connected to artists in the Maryland area. I love to volunteer in the events, especially when it is for children.

Which exhibit or performance has stuck with you the most? There are so many. There was a photographer who used old school 4×5 format and enlarged the images to 30×40. It was really unique because you don’t see images like that too often.

What is your favorite moment as a volunteer? Working with the children doing watercolors. I like to see the future artists of tomorrow have fun.

What does volunteering at BlackRock mean to you? There are not too many galleries located in Montgomery County and  to see artists get their work exposed gives them an opportunity to talk to people about their work and possibly inspire others.


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