Volunteer Spotlight June 2017: Connie Robinson


Occupation: Presently I am semi-retired. That means I am retired but I am still seeking to become employed part-time! I would love to find a position that serves a purpose and not just a paycheck. One that is as rewarding to me and my employer. My past occupations have been Human Resources & Development.

Volunteer Hours: (How many hours have you volunteered so far?) I imagine after five years I would have to go to the BR records. I have never really kept a record for myself. I have had issues with my back that has prevented me from being as active with my volunteering assignments. I have recently signed up for a couple of hours on a bi-weekly basis but I will probably commit to a few more. I will positively do a few of the concerts on the lawn.

Which exhibit or performance has stuck with you the most? Now that is truly a tough one to answer. There are far too many to remember. I honestly don’t believe there were any that I didn’t like. The jazz & blues performers are always my favorite. That Navy Band I will always remember, they had people on the lawn dancing!

What is your favorite moment as a volunteer?  I’ve fortunately have had many!! I would say; my first Gala.  It reinforced my knowledge of the important and meaningful role the volunteers serve! The reception, the exquisite dinners (the guest & the volunteers), evening wear, the silent auctions, it all was so much fun!

What does volunteering at the Black Rock mean to you? Volunteering at the BR allows me to become directly involved with the Art & Culture Pulse of my community. Being around art; be it the fabulous live stage performances, the amazing variety of Gallery Exhibits or watching the young people connect with the educational value of art in their lives. It’s also nice to see the adults discover the pleasure of having an Art Center right in their neighborhood! It all makes me feel happy and adds colorful moments that can help to illuminate light into the sometimes bleak & chaotic moments in one’s life!  It’s been my pleasure!



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