Intern Report by Brandi Eby – BlackRock Intern


BlackRock Center for the Arts provided me with the experience and skills for the marketing field. Throughout these past five months, I have developed and learned the necessary skills required to thrive in the marketing department. Some of the most vital skills I learned were market research; web and email design; use of word press – visually and through coding; create and mail letters electronically and hand-written; proficiency of Microsoft Office; and analysis of Google Analytics, Yelp, and Survey Monkey. These essential skills are necessary to successfully market and advertise a business. These past few months gave me the opportunity and experience needed to develop my abilities in advertisement and marketing. Now, I have the capabilities to be successful in the marketing field.

During my internship at BlackRock Center for the Arts, I learned how to create and edit a web page through WordPress. I became familiar with editing, designing, and creating a webpage visually and through HTML code. Examples of web pages I have designed for BlackRock Center for the Arts are the Education Blog and Volunteering and Internship Blog. In these blogs, I inserted color codes to make boarders around images and texts. Other codes I inserted into the blogs are button codes with links to different webpages. Once the user clicks on it, the user is instantly lead to a different webpage. A similar program I learned was designing emails through Wordfly. Similarly, I became familiar with editing and creating emails for members of BlackRock’s mailing list. I designed emails promoting events and performances at BlackRock Center for the Arts. I provided a brief description of the performance with a photo, video, and link to their BlackRock page.

Survey Monkey, Yelp, and Google Analytical highlighted how well a business was doing. Survey Monkey broke down customers’ comments and opinions about BlackRock through multiple choice and short answer questions. I was assigned to compile and review the customers’ answers and discover what was similar amongst them. This was crucial in helping BlackRock develop as a business. Most customers commented about the lack of quality wine and the lack of choices when it comes to snacks. However, all the comments were very positive on the quality of the performances and events at BlackRock. Survey Monkey took into account the customers’ feedback on BlackRock Center for the Arts and commented on solutions that could improve the quality of the experience. Similarly, Yelp showed customer comments and reviews. Frequently, customers commented and suggested solution on the improvement of BlackRock. The statistic break down of BlackRock was found in Google Analytical. Google Analytical demonstrated the forecast of people viewing the website, the amount of times a person visits the website, the internet provider a person has, and what parts of the website are visited. Furthermore, Google Analytical broke down every bit of information about the frequency of people visited the website hourly, daily, and monthly. These data websites were essential in seeing how a business was doing.

Other useful programs for data collection and gathering were excel and Total Info. Excel is a great way to store any type of data, and for visuals (like graphs and charts) of data. Excel allows for unlimited amount of data and any kind of data can be stored. Total Info is another way to store data, but only a specific kind of data, which were customer capture sheets. Customer capture sheets are a great way to capture the demographics of customers that visit BlackRock Center for the Arts. Customer personal information (name, address, email, etc.) is stored, organized, and categorized. This allows easy access to customer information and data. Provided with customer information from Total Info, I captured emails and street addresses of customers. This allowed the marketing staff and I to create mailing letters and email letters of upcoming events and performances at BlackRock Center for the Arts. Before mailing, I verified emails to check for any mistakes and hand write addressed envelopes.

Moreover, to know the customer demographic and to advertise BlackRock, market research was needed. Some of the market research I did was researching who would attended events and performance at BlackRock, businesses and corporations that will attend the annual gala, free websites that allowed promotion and advertisement, and who would rent BlackRock’s rental spaces. Some of the websites I worked with were Yelp, Koddler (to promote and advertise classes at BlackRock), Eventbrite (promote events, performances, and classes), and Culture Spot Montgomery County (promote events, performances, and classes). After updating the promotional and advertisement websites, I was tasked with providing data on businesses, corporations, and people that will be willing to attend and donate money at the annual gala. Consequently, I was later assigned with finding demographics that will be willing to attend various performances and events. There is a variety of different types of marketing research that I completed at my time at BlackRock Center for the Arts.

BlackRock has provided its interns with the opportunity to learn and develop experience for a job in the marketing field. There was so much that I learned from and provided for BlackRock Center for the Arts. I felt confident in my marketing abilities, my resume, marketing portfolio, and references. BlackRock was the perfect opportunity to provide valuable reliable marketing experience and education. Without this opportunity, I would lack the experience needed after college to have a marketing and or advertising job. I had a great time being an intern and working with the wonderful staff at BlackRock Center for the Arts, and would like to thank them for the experience.


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